Here you can find more in depth looks into some of the projects showcased in my portfolio. 

Current Project



Utopic is a multiplayer colony sim heavily inspired by the 1981 Intellivision title Utopia. As a working title, this is still in development.


Past Projects


Ludum Dare 40 Entry - Can't Save Them All!


Monochromium Print-01.png

A giant meteor is about to hit the city! you need to save the good citizens, the problem is the more of them you pick up the slower your get away is, Make sure you escape the blast radius in time!

out of 2890 entries it placed:

  • 88th Overall
  • 89th Fun
  • 36th Humour

Monochromium is my final year project at university, it is a single player twin-stick horde shooter. In a world plunged into darkness, the player must fight through waves of ghosts and demons to keep the last remnants of colour alive.



A group project I worked on in my 2nd year of University

Take to the skies and colour the world in this casual adventure game


Unreal Tournament Map


A CTF map made for Unreal Tournament 4

MOBA UI Development


A university project where I took a user interface from concept to implementation into a UE4 framework.


Adrift - Prototype

A small sailing ship exploration prototype set in a mysterious aquatic ruin


Board Game Concepts

Imminent Threat Concept.PNG

A collection of board game concepts, some a little more along than others.

Sorted - Prototype


A prototype developed in 1 day for a university assignment

Sorted is a couch-coop party game where players have to work together to sort luggage.