Can't Save Them All!

Made for the Ludum Dare 40 games jam in 2017, Can't Save Them All! was made in 72 hours as part of an group experiment.

The goal of the experiment was to so see if games jam teams can be improved by the addition of a member solely focused on production management. Working from 10-10 each day instead of working through the night, in essence, stepping away from the industry standard of "crunch".

out of 2890 entries it placed:

  • 88th Overall
  • 89th Fun
  • 36th Humour

I worked as a designer, designing the gameplay loop, the city map, the movement mechanics, and the UI.

The resulting game is a short humorous romp, where the player takes the role of a briefs wearing superhero, using his powers to save the citizens before disaster strikes.


The City

Despite the short time-frame I wanted to give the player an area to play in that felt like both natural and crafted for them.To facilitate players who were comfortable with the controls, and those which weren't, I tried to maintain a good ratio between wide open spaces and tight corridors, in conjunction with this I wanted the mechanics to reflect this idea as well. players that wanted quick skill based movement could use the super speed and flying to get around the tight corners of the buildings. But players that were not so comfortable, could use the super jump to bounce from building to building.

City Park.png


In the time given I thought it best to make the UI as minimalist as possible to save having to take time making detailed graphics. I settled on red/blue colour scheme for different areas of the menu, and a mix of vertical and horizontal bars depending on whether the screen in navigable (credits, menu, scoreboard) or is purely instructional (tutorials).