In Adrift, players play as a elderly sea captain making one last journey, guided by a series of letters left by his wife.


The first thing I wanted to nail down in Adrift was the aesthetic, without this eerie yet colourful world I felt I couldn't get across the atmosphere through the dialogue alone.

Adrift Ship.PNG

The Shaders

The first thing that people might notice is the cell shading on the boat and the slight glow on the top of the water. This will be down to the shaders I used! The Cell Shading has a base in Thura Oo's "Simi Celshade Tutorial" with some greatly modified values.

The Water however is much more interesting! I used the community ocean from the UE4 forums as a base and played around with a depthfade to give it just the right amount of white on the peaks of the waves.

The Buoyancy

I just had to make sure the ship bobbed along properly and didn't just glide through like some sort of ghost. For this I used Handkor's Buoyancy tutorial from youtube. I did have to modify it a bit though so I could move around properly with such a large ship. In the end I am quite happy with the result.

Adrift Conversation Concept.png

Dialogue UI

Above is a an image of a test I did I try and implement an in-world dialogue system , it didn't get very far before I had to start working on university work again, but I did like how the look of the system turned out and hopefully I can get some more time set aside for it in the future.